Route E16 is an all year communication route between the east and west which passes through the neighbouring community of Lærdal. A 25 minute drive on a good road takes you from Årdal to Lærdal.  Route 53 Årdal-Tyin is the fastest route to Oslo.

A short distance away is the Sogndal Airport.  Gudbrandsdalen og Trondheim are easy to reach during the summer season.  Årdal also has an ice-free port.

There is a good public transport system with departures to Oslo and Bergen several times daily by bus or plane.

Årda lies in the heart of Southern Norway with short travel distances.  

Greater Årdal<

Fjord 1
Sogndal Lufthavn

Årdal - Oslo
ca. 300 km, 3 bus departures daily

Årdal - Trondheim
via route RV 55 390 km (summer)
Daily bus departures

Årdal - Bergen 
via route E 16, 237 km
7 bus departures daily

Årdal - Sogndal Airport
ca 45 km

Direct routes to Bergen Flesland and Oslo Gardermoen.