Destination Årdal

Årdal – where the Sognefjord meets the mountains.

Årdal is the gateway to the Jotunheimen Mountain Range through the Utladalen valley, surrounded by several summits rising above 2000 metres. This vast, mighty landscape, stretching from the Sognefjord to the highest mountain in Norway, offers many rich experiences. Additionally, Norways largest outdoor swimming facility is located in Årdal!

Årdal has many sites of outstanding natural and cultural beauty. Utladalen valley and Offerdal’s “Down by the sea” establishment are the most well known.

Utladalen Valley
The valley of waterfalls – also Norway’s deepest valley, a unique experience during any season.

Norway’s tallest waterfall is located here – Vettisfossen (275m) – the giant that plummets from Vettismorki. At it’s entrance lies Utladalen Naturhus, an information centre with exhibitions, films, a café and other amenities. Further up in the valley you will discover impressive mountain farms offering amenities and accommodation.

Outdoor swimming facility
The outdoor swimming facility in Øvre Årdal has 3 pools with water warmed by waste-heat. There are also 2 pools in Årdalstangen –both are extremely popular attractions.  

”Tindevegen” –The mountain pass
As the name suggests, the mountain pass between Årdal and Turtagrø allows trips beside the chain of summits in Jotunheimen, also known as “The roof of Norway.
“The roof of Norway” is also visible for cyclists following the old route (route 53) from Sletterust up “1000 metre” –a spectacular trip!

Destination Årdal
Where the Sognefjord meets the mountains.

Utladalen valley 
– gateway to the Jotunheimen Mountain Range.

– The mountain pass beside Norway’s highest chain of summits.