Festivals in Årdal

Målrock is a fantastic festival combining Rock'n roll and the nynorsk language. Målrock is an annual event every second weekend in August.

Påskerock is an annual event arranged by Hugin Musikkforum. Påskerock is on Wednesday and Maundy Thursday.

Fjøsblues attracts people from all over the country to listen to blues at Avdalen, 300 metres above sea level. Fjøsblues is a yearly event taking place around midsummer.

Fjord and Mountain days is an annual event, a market with entertainment for all age-groups. Fjord and mountain days is arranged every second day in June.

National Park festival towards the end of May offers a rich variety of cultural and outdoor activities for all. The Slingsby walk is a walk in William C. Slingsby’s footsteps from fjord to mountain.

Haustmyldring in mid september, market days combined with culture and outdoor activity. 

Destination Årdal
Combining urban culture with outdoor leisure activities in outstanding surroundings