Årdal can offer a wide range of cultural and outdoor activities, and is well known for its musical creativity. With around 80 various organisations and societies, one can easily find plenty to do for all age-groups.

Our location at the foot of the Jotunnheimen mountain range provides us with unlimited access to relaxing outdoor activities both summer and winter. A rich natural environment provides plenty of opportunity for hunting small game and fishing.


Årdal has comprehensive sports and training facilities, an equestrian hall, an outdoor AstroTurf football pitch and shooting ranges. For winter there are cross-country ski trails

Årdalstangen stadium
Jotun stadium

Clubs and societies:
Hugin Music forum
Årdalstangen Ports Club
Jotun Sport Club
Knipenborg Rifle Club
Årdal Soccer Club
Tangen Equestrian Club
Svalheim Equestrian Club
Farnes Rifle Club

Outdoor Life:
Årdal Tour Association
Årdal Hunting & Fishing Association